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Facebook & Social Media Changed the Way we Share Information

Social Icons

Social Icons


The turn of the century spawned a new era of societal interaction- the social network website. It provided people with the method to set up their own personal page to which they could provide updates to friends and family. In turn, they could also stay current on the events of their own friends and family. Social media allows individuals to participate in groups and display feeds of information including photos and videos.


Social media has changed the landscape of journalism by providing an opportunity to connect with viewers. News organizations have created their own pages that are used to alert people to important news of the day as it becomes available. It is also beneficial to the media because media professionals can find sources online that work for a particular company or in a specific field.


But one name is truly synonymous with social media: Facebook. It was founded in 2004 and by 2011, it has over 700 million users. Facebook Connect was launched in 2008 and permits other websites to use profiles from Facebook. As a result, Facebook users can explore content on the secondary site or link to it via their Facebook page. Also, news organizations can integrate social networking into their website without having to create their own page or site. They also have the added benefit of accessing the enormous audience provided by Facebook. By simply hitting the “Like” button, a person can use their Facebook account to share stories they like with their friends.

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